As the fuel needed for young minds to thrive, nutrition is the life force of all learning.

At Talents123, we exclusively offer healthy, organic meals and snacks to give children delicious and nutritious fuel for their fun-filled days.

Our in-house chef creates seasonal menus, making the most of colourful local produce and crafting child-friendly meals in line with Canada’s Food Guide and Recommendations. 

We also accommodate food allergies, intolerances and dietary restrictions, offering a nut, shellfish and pork-free environment and strictly adhering to health guidelines to ensure the health and safety of our children.

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Our goal is to not only get children eating well but to get them excited about mealtimes and expand their palettes, fostering a positive attitude towards food and, in turn, their bodies.

Children at Talents123 also get involved in meal-planning, embarking on trips to the grocery store, learning about the different food groups, getting acquainted with different cuisines, textures, spices and more.

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