At this exciting stage of development, children are ready to start laying the groundwork for the future of their educational growth.

At Talents123, we approach the classroom setting in a methodical way, focusing on language arts, math, science, practical life skills and sensorial exploration. At this next step, gross and fine motor skills are further refined through activities geared to help young learners take control of their body and its movements.

Students in our Exploring 3s preschool program will work on:

  • Pre-writing skills
  • Basic mathematical concepts
  • Exercising personal responsibility
  • Peer conflict and negotiation skills

Using specific Waldorf, Reggio Emilia and Montessori materials and techniques, we set students on a path to awareness of their environment, their community and the world around them, engaging them in activities and discussion. We encourage tots to learn and grow in this way through:

  • Interactive storytelling
  • Alphabet exercises
  • Participate in group games
  • Basic science experiments
  • Cooking activities

At Talents123, we pride ourselves on personalized programs.

Every child is different, and our approach is focused on building on the unique strengths and needs of all our children.

Blossoming Babies

5-18 months

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Exploring 3s

3 year olds

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Thriving 4s

4 year olds

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Parents and baby separation program

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