Talents123 offers a diverse set of extracurricular activities as part of our daily program, including music, yoga, creative dance and Spanish language classes.

Accommodating the different age groups, all of our complementary activities are designed to stir children’s interest in creativity and self-expression. These enriched activities encourage children to interact with others, use their five senses and put their fine and gross motor skills to work. These kinds of experiences expand children’s horizons, helping children further develop their natural interests and inclinations. All activities are designed to stimulate children’s sense of creative expression, and are instructed by experienced outsourced specialists brought into the classroom.

In addition to a child's day-to-day schedule, we offer a range of age-specific activities:

  • Music, including singing songs, playing basic musical instruments, and engaging in creative movement
  • Dance, where children explore different dancing styles and learn the steps of simple choreography
  • Yoga, exploring movement and postures, where children enhance their concentration, balance and breathing exercises
  • Spanish language, where children acquire new vocabulary, sing songs and more
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