We believe that real-world learning is just as important as in-school education.

Organized in accordance with our monthly themes, we aim to provide a culturally diverse and enriching experience to every child across all backgrounds.

Outside the classroom

At Talents123, children will have ample opportunities to learn outside the confines of a classroom, with a diverse range of field trips, from nature-centric activities to museum excursions, special visitors and more.

Parents can expect for their children to experience four to five field trips each year, ranging from apple picking to pumpkin patch visits, sugar shack excursions, trips to the Biodôme, Montreal Science Centre, the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and much more.

Celebrating diversity

Students at Talents123 will also benefit from special celebrations all year round, in addition to traditional holidays.

These include Earth Day, where children explore subjects like recycling and environmental awareness; Artist Month, where they are introduced to a specific artist and their work; and Multicultural Day, where they travel across the globe without leaving the classroom, opening their minds to other cultures by exploring cuisine, folklore, music, and dress. We aim to cultivate a sense of respect for and interest in traditions and experiences that may be different from our own. Celebrations such as these add diversity to the learning experience and give children yearly events to look forward to, while providing unique opportunities for outside-the-box learning.

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