At Talents123, each day is defined by a carefully crafted structure to make the most of your child’s classroom time.

Lesson plans are set in line with different learning targets, which vary with the developmental stage of each age group. Always beginning with a warm welcome, time blocks are set for particular learning activities, both group and individual, and carried out by the educator.

Here is a sample of what your child’s day could look like at Talents123:

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Hygiene and table etiquette

Learning to move through the world in a hygienic and polite fashion is important at every stage of life, and plays an equally important part in our program. We aim to impart important skills for life in the real world, from table manners to hand-washing, proper use of cutlery, cleaning up after meals, teeth-brushing and more. Each child at Talents123 has their own toothbrush—changed regularly to keep things clean—and educators encourage children to take control of these developmental milestones while providing the necessary supervision. These skills continue to serve children long after they walk out of our doors.

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